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The Indiana Orthopaedic Oncology Laboratory at Indiana University is dedicated to understanding the intersection of Orthopaedics and CancerOur mission consist of:

Advancing the Science of Musculoskeletal Oncology: We strive to ask thoughtful questions pertaining to the musculoskeletal oncology patient, ranging from the origins of sarcoma to the development of epigenetic therapies for osteosarcoma to understanding the significance of oligometastatic disease to bone.

Remembering Those Who Benefit Most from Our Daily Work: We know that at the core of what we do is a commitment to our patients, both current and future, to remember why our work matters to their daily lives.

Fostering an Environment of Collaboration: We aim to provide a meeting place for medical professionals, scientists, and students of all levels - across multiple disciplines - to combine expertise, develop new ideas, and  advance the field, together.

Supporting the Development of Young Scientists: We recognize the role that academic labs play in developing the scientists of tomorrow. We commit to providing an exciting and fun environment that delivers mentorship, teaching, laboratory skills, and resources to emerging scientists.

Ethical Conduct of Research: We value the scientific process and acknowledge that it depends on the highest ethical and moral standards. We embrace honesty, curiosity, constructive criticism, peer-review, and above all, we carry a mutual respect for one another and our colleagues. 

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